The principle of selection threats


Comrades published an article commenting on the statement by the chief of army staff USA Brand Milly. It again noticed the American style be considered a threat to anyone who might be a threat. I want to share my understanding of this formula, because sometimes it seems that all these “threat for threat” and “is considered a threat to anyone who may challenge” and similar — some obscure one extremely unpleasant aspect of the situation.

The fact that the principle of selection of strategic threats the U.S. government is reduced to the negation of equality. If we believe the enemy is someone who “approaches the level c which can challenge us,” we believe the enemy of any equals.

USA not satisfied with equality with anyone on the planet, neither in military nor in the economic, scientific plane. In fact, all three dimensions can be collapsed into an integrated parameter of development potential. The last half century, we continuously observe the actions aimed at zeroing the development potential of others. Moreover, strictly in terms of size.

Threat number 1 was the Soviet Union — the “second world country”. Rid of him (now out of the equation will leave the internal processes is the responsibility of the elite, etc.), bright moved to third world countries. China at that time was his production, and now in his direction, gentle breeze arc of instability, which is deep in nerazviti been discarded previously prosperous Arab countries.

Americans are not willing to communicate with anyone on equal terms. The same should be their ambition and conceit amerivet. Lead-and-srivatsa. And they have the idea of exclusivity and ambitions of Castle-on-hill. Historically.

So explain to me how the principle of active negation of equality may not fit into Nazi ideology. Especially in conjunction with notions of national exceptionalism.

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