The project “Ukraine” may be closed this fall

Øisoprene Ukrainian identity

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The other day former Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko criticizing the current President Petro Poroshenko for his factory in Russia, issued Ukrainian media following tirade: I can not imagine that Churchill was a factory in Germany, for example, in 1942 or 1943″. *
Digress from the context in which they were uttered this phrase, and most of the individual Yushchenko, who became the beneficiary of the first Maidan in 2004), but then shamefully passed and government and the Ukrainian economy to local and foreign oligarchs.

Pay attention to the Association of Ukraine with Britain and Russia against Nazi Germany — and ask yourself and at the same time Yushchenko: where is the prospectus of a name of Stepan Bandera — in Moscow or Kiev?
Where can you see the ridges, honoring the veterans of the SS Sonderkommando, the Nazis and the persecution of the Communists in Russia or still in Ukraine?
An outstanding ability to turn things upside the head — a characteristic feature of all Ukrainian “patriots”, whatever they intrigued against each other and wherever they found a use for this quality.

Для тех кто помнит его интервью у Ларри Кинга :D

Schizophrenia Ukrainian identity
There is a widespread belief that the Nazi protogosudarstva, meanly related to its citizens and to all at odds with its selfish interests, could not be held because ultimately devours its own children.
I believe that to this rule there are exceptions. History knows many examples of what took place, for example, pirate States or of the state, who made their assets on trade in slaves or drugs. In particular, the modern USA isbuilt on the bones of Indians, are not an example of virtue.
Fascism did not prevent Nazi Germany to grow into a superstate, which may have flourished and today if its leaders know the sense of proportion.
I believe that even banned in Russia “Islamic state“, in principle, has a chance to place as a specific medieval power (after cease to subsist executions and looting). Then why would Ukraine not to take place as, for example, the state of Chimera, if the regime in Kiev to settle down and move from the escalation of the war with its citizens for the real state-building?
As you can see, I used the word “if”. It is the key. And the main reason that the state of Ukraine still does NOT take place — at least in its current borders (without Crimea),may be — is not even fascist parasitic nature Bandera regime, and that schizophrenia is the consciousness of the Ukrainian quatelet, which does not allow the different political camps to gather into a consistent whole.
Once again: any protogosudarstva can take place if openly declare their true goal, no matter how vile and inhuman they may be.
In this sense, reaching a kind of integrity (unity of criminal intent), the regime can gather power and resources into a single fist, to destroy the opposition and move on to conquer living space is understandable methods, since each participant (accomplice) committed robberies promised his share.
However, onofficial Kyiv will not declare their true objectives. It masks them, declaring conflicting objectives and taking very schizophrenic policy.
The leaders of the regime are applied to Orthodox icons, showing their devotion, but seek to destroy the canonical Orthodox Church.
They proclaim the slogan of European integration, however, flaunt it if your not tolerant actions.
They’re talking on every corner about “aggression” from Russia, but not averse to Russian gas, say in Russian, and terribly afraid to openly declare war on Russia.
They show care for democracy, but forbade the alternative media, stuffed in prisons and opposition shelling of the Ukrainian city.
Operators and Directors of Igil moved to URCA Igil, starting to shoot to throw in the Hollywood style , highlighting the heirs of the UPA and the Strangler cats Bandera as “zachistki Eurozone” approx. from my 16.10.15 G. Notice how urkainskih Rouge are the training ..

Yushchenko and Poroshenko — Ukraine’s two “Churchill”
I believe that the regime in Kiev had a chance to reformat the Ukraine, without destroying its state. Alas, it seems that Poroshenko, who, like Yushchenko, likes to compare himself with Churchill, delivered another (perhaps decisive) impact on Ukrainian state and will pass the second independence as well as passed the first Maidan, the current critic, said.
Time generated by Poroshenko and the Maidan regime goes.
The latest events in the world (failed attempt of insurrection in Turkey and Armenia, the formation of a Russian-Iranian military Alliance in the middle East and so on.) led to the beginning of a qualitative rearrangement of geopolitical power in favor of the United States. And recent events in Crimea led to the change of the situation in and around Ukraine is not in her favor.
discussion of the conflict in Donbass between Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and his German counterpart Frank-Walter Steinmeier evidence about the beginning of direct negotiations on the Ukrainian question between Moscow and Europe
Petro Poroshenko never had a phone conversation with President of France Francois Hollande and Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel. That first person was to hold talks, reported the Vice-Premier on European integration Ivanna klympush-Tsintsadze. According to her, the parties were to discuss the worsening situation in the Crimea and Vladimir Putin’s statement regarding the inappropriateness of the “Normandy format” negotiations.
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What we have as of mid-August?
Let’s start with the fact that the European Union as the main object of attraction and the political goal of the carriers of the ideology of Bandera is experiencing not the best times. Britain voted to exit the EU, the EU itself is split into group strong (led by Germany and France) and the group of weak (under US control), with the result that the EU wants to see Ukraine as a member — he is simply not up to it.

Moreover, the countries of Europe and the IMF does not intend to provide Kiev financial support, and many European politicians do not want the renewal of economic sanctions against Russia, these sanctions could hold only thanks to the policy of arm-twisting from the state Department. While Germany and some other European countries support (contrary to the interests of Ukraine) of the Russian project Nord stream-2″ and begin to unfold in the direction of Russia and “South stream”.
European countries do not wish to fight in Syria on the US side and don’t want to put pressure on the Donbass in favor of Kiev.
But most importantly — they have ceased to be authority for Russia, which withdrew from the PACE, OSCE talks back, ignore the blackmail by NATO and does not value the Minsk agreements, making it clear (after sabotage in the Crimea), he never intends to please Kiev concessions and compromises.
Against this background, the recent attempt of the foreign Minister of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier to offer Russia a new solution to the problem of Donbass has failed: Russia has little interest in not only the position of Poroshenko, but also the belated proposals of colleagues in the Minsk format.
The project “Ukraine” may be closed this fall
Even more pitiable for Kiev is the situation for non-European sites and in particular in the middle East, that is where actually unfolds the main confrontation of Russia and its allies against international terrorism and their political cover.
In particular, the attempt of Kiev to put together a coalition of Poroshenko and Turkish Prime Minister suffered a failure, as his hopes for Turkey to play the Crimean Tatar and radical Islamist card.
After the pacification of Russia and Turkey, with the decisive participation of Russia, began anti-terrorist and anti-Western consolidation of the entire Northern part of the Middle East, and it is becoming for the West a far greater headache than the events in Ukraine.
It turns out that Poroshenko is ready today to do the state Department, and then — not as a counterpart of Churchill, but as with the prototype Samosas or Bokassa , the “our son of a bitch” who needs the United States exclusively for the fulfillment of the dirty deeds.
Main dirty business, destined to Ukraine, is a direct or indirect war with Russia. But it will take place or not depends not on Ukraine, and the United States and the outcome of presidential elections in this country.
Most experts believe that US President elect trump, and in this case, the process of restructuring of world politics will become irreversible, with the reset of relations with Russia, the lifting of sanctions and other negative consequences of Kiev.
In short, the situation is such that already in the near future, characters like Yushchenko and Poroshenko has no one to tell stories about Churchill.
Vladimir Lepekhin
Ukraine needs the West only for the performance of dirty deeds
RIA Novosti :
* In the opinion of Yushchenko, the primary task of Ukraine is to survive and win, but not at any price. In his opinion the situation with the business Poroshenko looks the same as would be the business of the British Prime Minister during the Second world war in Germany.
I find it hard to imagine that Churchill was a factory in Germany, for example, in 1942 or 1943. I understand that these are different times, but I think that today the issue of victory and our territorial integrity is important. If we win, we will receive the world and therefore every citizen must work for the victory.
I hear the debate about the world and very often from politicians, and from our members. We have said that from the war have two options: defeat or victory. And after the first road, and after the second comes the world. After the defeat of the world, and after the victory – also the world. Let’s define what kind of world we choose. If the world after the defeat, then poluchite Churchill, he said, want peace, surrender and you have two hours there will be peace Without sovereignty, without freedom, without freedom, but that is your choice
, – Yushchenko said.
Well, if this svidomo cosmologer Usenet, sorry, decided to pull out of mothballs and contempt some forces in the state Department, it looks like they have really bad business. And their party lost. So, snap and crap where they can, as the press service of Poroshenko twittered nonsense and misinformation, creating the appearance of support Kujawski Imbeciles and the gang , telling about the support that Slovakia , Turkey Ruins, allegedly as a result of telephone conversations
Yeah schazzz.. overclocked everything in the world to support you, pediculosis as your hero Mazeppa or Strangler cats Bandera. From Kiev all have to shy away like the plague..
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In a sense, the current regime of Bandera surpassed Hitler’s fascism, and the Cambodian Khmer Rouge, and even militant Hutus in Rwanda during their “showdown” with the Tutsis.
RIA Novosti
Lepekhin Vladimir A.
philosopher, anthropologist, candidate of philosophical Sciences, member of the Zinoviev club MIA “Russia today”
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