The recipe is “clean” Olympic games from Guardian


The Guardian newspaper came up withhow to get rid of corruption and other scandals at the Olympic games. Finally a bright mind democratic journalist brought the benefit of mankind!
There is nothing surprising in the fact that at the Olympic games doping reigns deceit and corruption, because they serve “festivals chauvinist vanity for all the world leaders, says the Guardian columnist Simon Jenkins. He believes that competition can be fair only if the athletes will involve independently — without flags, anthems and other national symbols. And the whole “rotten” structure of the IOC, it’s time to destroy.

Right. And must fight individual soldiers, every man for himself. And borders should not be. The capital must be fully global, sweeping away the nation-state.
People in General there should be no homeland, no flag. Only a stall, trough and universal trade andcultural centers with rags, cinemas and food courts.
But sweep away the national state will fail without destroying the national culture. To cancel the competitions of the national teams, you need to bury the national features of preparation of Olympians, national sports school, the system of training athletes.
And who, forgive, then it will be to prepare young people in each country? For example, Kenyans remarkable run. What to prepare runners in Canada, Russia or USA? We’ve got to be all players in the US basketball players, etc.
Well, then the competition will leave the sport. The meaning of the Olympics will be gone, and all this will end.
By the way, it is unclear why doping scandals will go with the national teams. What athletes-individuals cease to eat better stimulants? Why all of a sudden?
By and large, what is important is not speculation of the author of the guardian in relation to sporting events, and the collective attempt of the West to the essence of today’s world, the nation-state. Dream of the West – mince globalization structured muscle, the meat of nation States to obtain the amorphous “stuffing“, which can comfortably absorb without getting stuck in the teeth tendons national borders, traditions and other cultural foundations.
Just business.

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