The remaining live forever

In 1943, the Soviet troops 18 days from 13 to 31 August stormed the 278 – Saur-grave. Then the whole slope soaked with blood of our grandfathers and great grandfathers. After 71 years in August 2014, fighters of the brigade “East” of Donetsk national Republic came to the defense of the mound. The film tells about the courage of the soldiers who repulsed the Ukrainian junta.
In 1967 on the site of the fighting opened a memorial complex. Two years ago, stone giants, images of the red army soldiers helped the defenders of the NPT. The living and the dead stood shoulder to shoulder. Part of the soldiers of the brigade “East” died, their blood has absorbed the land of Donbass, forever connecting them with grandparents and great-grandparents. Fascism in Ukraine since the end of 2013 looks from his brow. Living memory of the residents of Donbass and Crimea do not obey this hypnotic look. Because only a sense of the sanctity of their country’s history, the desire to do it can give the opportunity to realize the danger, mobilized to fight back and win the battle.

Eternal memory to the fallen.
Last fatigue the Charter,
Dying dying covered
Large hands listlessly swept,
Lies of soldiers.
He could lie differently
He could lie with his wife in his bed
He could not tear soaked blood moss
He could…
Yes, could you? If? Really?
No, he could not.
His military agenda had sent.
Beside him the officers were, Chagall.
In the rear pounded the typewriter Tribunal.
And if I didn’t knock, would he?
He summons, he would himself go.
And not out of fear, for conscience and for honor.
Soldiers lying in blood lying in a big,
And to complain no matter what doesn’t want.
Boris Slutsky

Date of entry: August 9, 2016.

Translated by Yandex Translate