the resistance of a material

Original taken from re22ka in the resistance of a material

Only the master can give the guarantee and not 100%.

Manual glass cutting fraught – charted track glass cutter, held a couple of times – but no – a chip off the slicer and went to the side.
Material (material) has its own resistance and can give an effect unexpected for having plans.

Astrologers and not only talk about the importance of a short period of time to mid-September. Two eclipses – 01.09 18.08 and, the last annular solar special in the history of its recurrence, and events associated with these repetitions.
Tracks scheduled and glass cutter walked many times, mapping out the lines in which preferably, the conversion material (the material world). But how will the conversion to the time of cleavage…
As God wills. Let it be God (!), may it be His will, not that swirling dark haze…
Power, wealth and comfort will never become the basis of human life. They will fly from under your feet – will take off and people (and those for whom he is responsible).
In connection with the reading of the blog Evolution, I will add that what man has turned himself (abilities, skills, knowledge, contacts, etc.) in various fields, adequate self-esteem and a measure of responsibility (locus of control) is, of course, protects, but does not exclude, but rather presupposes a divine source.

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