The revelation of the scientist: the drugs are made in order to reduce the earth’s population

The statement by biochemist Shane Ellison that “all drugs are manufactured in order to reduce the population. Remember that we develop drugs to eliminate the symptoms. We do not treat“, – said the chemist.

I — chemist. Love the scientific approach, always loved. And when I worked in the pharmaceutical industry — there was a complete rejection of science. In these pharmaceutical companies, in an interview in the hiring didn’t hesitate to say the following: “keep in Mind, we develop medicines for relieving symptoms. We do not treat”.

So what is the business model that allows for life to give the person a drug. If they run out of symptoms, what can they do? The next level of advertising of drugs — the invention of disease.
If there are no more symptoms over the clientele for sales, is to invent a disease. With psychiatric drugs, you can invent diseases without end. There are two words, which afraid a psychiatrist. Two words: PROVE IT.
And if the doctor can’t prove, and they fail nine times out of ten, do not take the medicine. This gives the patient the power to make decisions. Being a chemist, I wondered — am I doing these drugs, their ability to kill is detected in our laboratories, the ability to kill found in other laboratories, dangerous, ineffective, causing the very effects they are designed to heal — how they manage to sell? How do they sell them?
They have marketing departments, parmigiani have the best marketing departments in the world. Simply brilliant. You just pay the professionals — doctors, professors, psychiatrists for reports that the study found positive results. You pay them, buy science.
Not less than 125 thousand people die each year from prescription drugs, you would think that you would have to spend more money on research to lower mortality rates. No. You continue marketing. Advertise, advertise, advertise. Hypnotize the population.
Hypnotize them and plant drugs, send them to psychiatrists so they quietly swallowed another Cymbalta or the next Prozac, or anything they will offer and how it will be called. You will receive industry billions of dollars, which a lot of people doing sick, and that is booming.(with)

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