The story of the legendary Soviet ointment “Asterisk”

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Legendary ointment “Asterisk” appeared in the pharmacies of the Soviet Union in about 70 years. I remember her literally everything, because it was really effective (sometimes indispensable) and inexpensive drug. Balm tried to treat everything from acute respiratory infections and to chronic rheumatism. Most surprising was the fact that the drug actually helped in many cases.

At some point the ointment disappeared from the shelves. However, its healing properties were so high that Russian pharmacists assist in the return of a medicinal balm on the market. Today we will tell you what really is this legendary substance, how it is constituted and as may be applied at the present time.
История легендарной советской мази «Звездочка»


История легендарной советской мази «Звездочка»
The original ointment was called the “Vietnamese star”, and produced it, respectively, in the Vietnamese factories. Specific author of the original composition were Vietnamese scientists, pharmaceutical companies “Danata”, Danapha Pharmaceutical JSC. The name Cao Sao vàng American pharmacists translated as “Balm “gold star”” is marked as such he appeared and in our market. The Soviet people ointment “tasted” is not immediately delivered for some reason she with instruction in their native language. In the first embodiment, the ointment did not contain healing eucalyptus oil — adding it made the drug a miracle.


История легендарной советской мази «Звездочка»
In the original ointment contains only those substances that for several hundred years, are used in folk medicine Vietnamese themselves. This is actually one of the very few folk medicines, which is recognized as a useful pharmacologists around the world. Composed exclusively of essential oils of medicinal plants — no chemicals here. The manufacturer lists the components included here in the attached instructions: there is clove, eucalyptus and peppermint oil, flavoured with auxiliary substances from various herbs.


История легендарной советской мази «Звездочка»
Red jar with a gold star as the best fit into the Soviet and post-Soviet reality. Maybe that is why the design did not change and are currently: the brand in our country are almost as recognizable as something like “Coca-Cola”.


История легендарной советской мази «Звездочка»
We have so far issued four “Gold star”. It is a gel, cream, liquid balm and inhaled a pencil. They differ only in ease of use, the same everywhere. By and large, accustomed only ointment, everything else still looks for our rights pretty exotic.


История легендарной советской мази «Звездочка»
Most often, the ointment is used for colds, rhinitis and other similar disorders. “Gold star” helps against mosquito bites: cooling and irritant receptors in the skin the effect is so strong that the body is forced to focus on the new sensations.
История легендарной советской мази «Звездочка»

Methods of application

История легендарной советской мази «Звездочка»
Apply the ointment only needs externally. Contact with mucous membranes even the smallest part of the “Stars” can cause significant discomfort in the patient and, as a side effect, unhealthy fits of laughter in others. The ointment should be rubbed in certain places: for headache — whiskey, colds treated by rubbing in the back, chest and stomach.

Allergies and contraindications

История легендарной советской мази «Звездочка»
Even so innocent on the composition of the drug may cause the patient’s allergies. It still includes a large number of medicinal herbs. There is also a small contraindications — hypersensitivity to the drug components and the violation of the integral covering of the skin.
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