The SUCCESS of Putin’s RUSSIA – the main goal of the information war


Our country is a country of contrasts, and even though the media created a negative image – has a huge potential, a lot of outstanding achievements, rebellious people and tasks that run no matter what. However, we are experiencing and the high pressure from the West affiliate with the world community, not regretting neither forces, nor means, nor conscience, trying these same achievements to hide, to hush up or distort.
In particular, publicly declared, as if in our country violated the rights of women. That they are not in high positions that women in Russia do not have the equality that they bear oppression from men, and indeed supposedly cut off from the concept of freedom. It is recognized, however, that the forward international media, and their flow of misinformation is so great and omnipresent that even among the citizens of our country few people know the real situation in this area. Meanwhile, you will be surprised, but Russia ranks first in the world in the number of women in leadership positions in the state.

Think about it, in Russia 40% of all managerial posts are occupied by women, more than anywhere else in the world.
The West says that the information there is no war, but…
“Russia – a country of drunkards and fools. To work the head there is simply no” – say the international media advocacy and lay the heads of the inhabitants thought and the image of the barely standing on his feet, not able to study, stupid Russian gangster. In this “elegantly” without that, our state ranks first in the world in the number of people with higher education. 51% of our population, have some degree of higher education. More than half of all citizens of Russia.
In the media, often highlighted by a record length of American Railways, but actively held back a small caveat, namely that in spite of the smaller length of Railways, Russia is far ahead of USA in terms of total volume of turnover of goods and cargo.

In addition, Russia is the absolute world leader in the length of electrified railway tracks.
You are unlikely to hear in the world media that Russia is first place in the world for proven natural gas reserves, the first place on reserves of peat, first place for oil production, first place in the export of fighter, the first place in the number of annual space launches, first place in the number of nuclear warheads the first place to export tanks, the first place for the production of aviation titanium first place

Russia is a beautiful country. In order to see its real capabilities, achievements, and beauty, just enough to remove actively disseminated by the West, free, dirty black sunglasses…

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