The terrorist state of Ukraine


Almost every Olympics is now accompanied by military provocations from the West. Only in 2012, when the Olympics were held in one of the “bulwarks of democracy”, London was relatively quiet, apparently, the commercial interests of big business outweighed the desire to hurt Russia.
2008, 2014, 2016 — already such provocations are marked.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin commented on the attempts to commit terrorist acts on the territory of the Republic of Crimea.The head of state stressed that the Ukrainian authorities thus moved to the practice of terror.

The state switched its activities to the practice of terror is a terrorist state.
Putin has clearly responded to occurred, in fact, recognize the senseless Normandy format negotiations (i.e., negotiations, diplomatic groups in Russia, Germany, France and Ukraine) at the upcoming G20 in China.
Another thing is that to the terrorist challenge by neighbouring Nazi, in fact, States, reply to the suspension of talks is not enough. Well, you’re not going to stroke her fur and talk to a rabid dog that he will become less dangerous?
Therefore, the second “information block”, announced by Putin and kasusiba power (and not only) answer to terrorism — it is more interesting.
Including the addressee, to whom it is directed. It should be noted that this is not the inability of the Ukrainian power elite. The addressee has already called directly West hosts “mad dog”.
Soon conversation seven detained Ukrainian saboteurs, and I’m willing to bet that the collective West will not hear all the exposed facts, the press conferences and declarations ukrovoyak.
So count on “pulling up” high-handed junta should not, then all was started.
An abscess that is brewing on the border of Crimea with Ukraine, still will not resolve itself, the main task of the intelligence services and defense Ministry in fact, to boil this came to light out, across the border, but inward, into the blood stream of a terrorist state, which is rightly named today Ukraine.
When will this state get shocks real “septic shock”, then there are two possible outcomes. Either the immune system of Ukraine will manage and “clean up” illegal and terrorist “clusters” or this state will collapse completely, and then Confederation or even a complete collapse — it is not even years but months.
The junta where throw everywhere wedge: if not to distract the population from economic, social, industrial, conceptual fiasco – soon a critical mass of issues will exceed the degree of brainwashing citizens. If you rush into a military adventure against Russia – will quickly find that still ukrovoyaki fought with Russia in the Donbass, and it is unclear with whom. More precisely, it is currently understood. The ATO will instantly turn into a civil war. The military consequences of a real attack on Russia, too, will be quite sad for the Nazi battalions and the remnants of the APU, which is all the more heartbreaking to watch.
I hope that our strength and competence to preserve the peace of the Crimea and to help defend the Donbass, if the junta had enough idiocy for a direct attack.

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