“The thing I’m trembling or right?”

Original taken from sasha_bobrov in “the Thing I’m trembling or right?”

Clearly, Raskolnikov and Dostoevsky, was a “loathsome creature”, because they blindly believed in God and in goodness. But the Ministry of health of the United States is definitely “right” and removes the moratorium on crossbreeding humans with animals.

Although they are not the first such hounds: long before they tried their hand at bogotvorit adherents of Nazi eugenics, and genetically modified foods have the same roots.

However, the scale and scope of the modern project’s different now is not just to improve human nature, but a whole new type of scotchlok”, in the original manimals, to withdraw. And it’s not some Frankenstein of the 18th century, and the most natural Chimera of the 21st century.
The purpose again of this initiative, as in the famous literary work of our classic, very noble – just to benefit all of mankind: defeat the terrible disease of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s to increase the duration of human life, Yes, in principle, even abolished death, and God at the same time.
Yes, it is not a science project, and the wonder of the natural: human brains are transplanted pigs, and lives such a person then 2 times longer, however, in what form and why if it is not specified. Or hybrid animal, the same pig, and our species and their hybrid can organs for transplantation to borrow or make him your fruit to bear, although this hybrid with kangaroo, I think, more appropriate.

Don’t know, of course, maybe it’s really “cutting edge science”, but it’s more like a horror movie with a terrible ending. In principle, in the same “Chimera”, which completely showed the whole process of removing manimal, it’s all over is creepy enough: this thing killed its Creator – but this is the norm, but the aunt is a scientist becomes pregnant and bears “chimurenga” that promises us, by far, the second series of the franchise with a bunch of scientific freaks and divine perspectives on the artificial creation of a new kind superimage of the body.
In General, in the nobility of this idea, I don’t believe. Another Professor Preobrazhensky in a Dog’s heart pointed out the folly of the artificial recreation of a person, as long as it any woman can give birth naturally.

But in the sneaky side of this undertaking: the creation of a new race “sorologia” for the human elite (all other people are simply destroyed as unnecessary), or its evil outcome when ultimately the Matrix will not fight with Neo, Strangers or Predators, and Chimeras, believe immediately and unconditionally.

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