To host the European football fans

Instead of giving millionaires a football field, let’s re the world Cup will have on them championship Amateurs

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The participants of the project “Heroes of today” has published a video in which he challenged the national team of Russia on football. The failure of the Russian players at EURO inspired them to create their own team, which, according to them, able to beat players and will be happy to free to represent Russia at international competitions.

Bloggers lamented the failure of professional football players for Euro 2016, and assumed that team on beach football, mini-football or Russian world Champions among people with disabilities would play much better in the European Championships.
Another failure of the team was inspired by project participants to establish their own team of candidates for master of sports in football, who play football in their free time. They would consider it an honor to play for Russia for free and would lay the bones, but would not lose to Wales or Slovakia,” according to the video.
“Let the kids do not wear the proud title of professionals don’t receive 250 million a year, but you know how to handle the ball worse than a team of millionaires,” they conclude. In conclusion, the creators of the movie called the Russians as much as possible to distribute it through various channels to attract the attention of the Russian football Union.
The Russian national team for Euro 2016 failed to qualify from the group. The team played a draw with England (1:1) and gave teams of Slovakia (1:2) and Wales (0:3). On arrival to Moscow coach Leonid Slutsky has declared intention to retire June 30, he officially left the post.

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