To the opening of the ICC

At yesterday’s launch of the CIP began to appear numerous reports.

Here are three of them:
1) He said “let’s Go!” (timcost)

2) around the World at the MCK (MK, MOR, MRR) (vasiaalexandrov)
3) the opening of the Moscow Central ring (yapet, almost 100! photos)
The first report noticed a lot of nuances, ride counter-clockwise
Second – the pictures blurry, but the signatures sensible and informative to almost every object
The most interesting with the third report from yapet: the author of summer in the comments to my report on the testing ring, completely denied the usefulness of the project in its present form. And suddenly… here it is:
In General, I congratulate us once again. This thing the city is definitely in the favor.
And only then, once the ring has traveled! That’s what the test live making!
And this is me in the summer he was accused of paid the DMV” is what I was laughing half the evening, because all purely Moscow floats from me, immeasurably distant bearing on it I don’t have any – and the ring that I was invited to Railways, not metro and local authorities.
I must say that in this precedent – case trigger such a large and complex system (comparable to the effect on traffic flows except that the ring road or circle line subway) – the Moscow authorities acted wisely, declaring the month free “freebies”. This:
1) enable them to teach” passengers to new routes and changed logistics
2) will give the opportunity to a high rate to detect hidden defects (it is not about the well-known deficiencies, namely those, which are incomprehensible to the start),
3) ofasteroid public transport in areas of new stations and TPU, as well as its willingness to service flows
4) most “curious” of Muscovites (i.e. those who are in principle interested in active rest and do not strongly tied to personal railway wagon) will pass through the new point and expand your range.
In General, no doubt from me that “the project will take off.
Even as a fly – half and without him no longer to think intercity passenger logistics.
Actually, for me personally it was clear already at the end of the summer testing.
There is no doubt in the fact that at the stage of implementation will be a large number of inconsistencies and trouble.

From the blog timcost – opening a minor line of misconfiguration, 10.09
As you can see in the picture, “any interest in a new line of Muscovites no” 😉
PS. The mass claim in the comments, and the reports do not declare in advance which side will be the platform. The rest of the confusion in the navigation and informing the first days of opening are mainly related with understanding.
Summer video the Western section, with views of Moscow city

Original from periskop

Translated by Yandex Translate