TOP 5 fantastic events 2016 in global politics.

Decided to write a post in the format of the alternate history future. What events can happen in 2016? A fantastic event, but nevertheless is able to be realized. This is sort of my personal wishes nastupaushim year global policy. So here goes:
1. China is entering antiepilepsy coalition. ISIS, feeling the real threat, openly refers to the U.S. support. Card opened. NATO is killing me. Some side with the coalition, headed by Russia, others remain in orbit of the United States.

2. In Ukraine there is default that she is actually pregnant. All foreign creditors turn away from her. She requests the loan to overcome the crisis, but the IMF nor the EU nor the US do not go to meet her. Only Russia agrees to provide a loan. In Ukraine, the growth of Pro-Russian moods. New contraigan, in which there is a change of elites. The Ukraine gets loan. Minsk-3, according to its results Ukraine aligns itself with the DNR.
3. Often illuminate the situation in Venezuela. Can’t pass up. Opposition plans to call a referendum on the recall of the President to Maduro resigned. But the President is ahead by itself convene such a referendum. All of Venezuela and the opposition in shock. The referendum on Maduro receives support Venezuelans and creates a new Renewed socialist party of Venezuela.
4. In Greece new parliamentary elections. The coalition SYRIZA wins the left wing. In the party there is a sharp update to return to it previously left colciu the EU countries and others (left radicals). Greece exits the EU and the European zarusky parade of sovereignties.
5. This parade first ohvatyvaet Spain, where the positions of the left party PODEMOS get stronger and intensify. SYRIZA and PODEMOS are creating a new “Red Internationale”, and attached your Updated socialist party of Venezuela. From Russia to new international is “Essence of time”. The Communist party and other parties refuse to deal with him, than eventually discredit themselves.
Of course, the mysterious and elusive rich is not understandable, how can I make God laugh – tell him about your plans. Nevertheless, the fact remains, We live in a world of enormous unpredictability and uncertainty. Who a year ago could say that the weak and relaxed so will Russia on the world stage of the operation against ISIL? Now possible and realistic even the most absurd at first glance events. Therefore, these events not only possible, but, I would say, logical.
Well, to end this post I would like such an optimistic picture:

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