[Translation] the Story of the supernova of fireworks in our Galaxy!

When I convinced myself that no star of this type has not previously been shining, I was in such perplexity because of the incident that began to doubt in their own eyes.

Tycho Brahe

When we look at galaxies scattered throughout the Universe, we see that periodically – about once a century – a bright star flares up so badly that for a time can outshine the rest of the galaxy!

This, of course, not the brightness of the stars increases – this is the most the atoms that make up the star, involved in an uncontrolled nuclear fusion reaction and lead to the infamous phenomenon named supernova!

In the framework of the scientific streaks of bad luck we have not seen a supernova in our galaxy since the invention of the telescope! The last time she exploded in 1604, and since then has long since disappeared from view. Well, we can examine these objects not only visible light: we can deploy many are sensitive to different wavelengths of telescopes in those areas of the sky, where he registered a supernova, and see how they look today!
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