[Translation] Why does skin wrinkles in water

Some parts of human skin on which the hair grows, have a unique reaction to contact with water. Unlike the rest of the body, the skin on the fingers and toes, the palms and soles wrinkled after getting wet. Usually it is enough five minutes.

But why are these areas of skin wrinkle? Some believe it’s a biochemical reaction, osmotic process in which water to extract the chemicals from the skin, and the skin dries out.

But already a hundred years ago scientists knew that this reaction was not due to a simple reflex or the result of osmosis.

Surgeons found that if you cut certain nerves in the fingers, wrinkled skin effect disappears. Therefore, this effect is associated with a working nervous system. As a result, this effect is even suggested to use as a test for the efficiency of the sympathetic nervous system in patients who do not respond to other impacts.
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