Turns out the Union quality of products was higher?

Питание СССР

The German edition Der Freitag writes that the poor quality of made in Russia food has absolutely nothing to do with any economic crisis, no Western or Russian sanctions.
“Those who secretly is experiencing the joy because of economic sanctions allegedly played a cruel joke with the Russians and Putin, it remains only to enjoy its rich imagination.”

The problem of the quality of Russian food has its roots back in 90-ies, when was the “radical market reforms and came under the quality control system of food products“.
This should be just two conclusions:
1. 90-x, TO the hell of market reforms, the quality of food in our country was more fitting;
2. The crowd kreaklov suffering from the inability to fill the belly high quality grub should be angry at spiritually close to them in the liberal camp, all these Kasyanov, Chubais-Gozman and other miscellaneous WSA.
In General, look! Of course, and sees the root. Collapsed Standards, quality control system, now chew slop with cleanings. For the small price. If, for example, want tolerable quality be prepared to pay in full, and without any guarantees.

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