Two years of independence: a victory of patriotism over the crisis and the indifference of the West

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Two years ago, the West supported the Maidan. According to the plan USA and the EU, “the revolution of dignity” was supposed to make Ukraine not only westernized, but also to radically change its way of reforms. It is in this for the Europeans and Americans was the point of the Maidan and all that followed. For the sake of the West Ukraine had powerful political and financial support.

And now since the overthrow of the regime of Viktor Yanukovych was two years ago. However, despite the rapid and noisy process of so-called “Ukrainian reforms”, the Europeans still can’t see their planned results. Reform and no results.

Success in the fight against corruption is the main indicator of change existing in Ukraine political system. This is the change the West wants. But if the results of the fight against corruption no, there is no change in the system. The Maidan changed the personal composition of the government, but not its very essence. The system remains the same.

However, one should recognize that the personal composition of authorities has not changed much. Some old political clans are gone, other old political clans came from. The current enemies of “regionals”, which thanks to the Maidan came to power, the same elements existing since 1991 the Ukrainian political system, as does the fugitive ex-President. Yanukovych is long gone, but in fact everyone in the country has remained the same. But if to be objective, it’s gotten worse at times. And the West understands it.

At the end of December 2015, on the “national anti-Corruption forum,” the ex-head of the SBU Valentyn Nalyvaichenko said the following:

I authoritatively declare that corruption affected and the presidential and Prime Minister’s environment, the management of the state office of public Prosecutor. It’s up to the leadership of the national Bank of Ukraine — think about it! Stealing money, transferring them to the offshore, Fund their corrupt practices. The main thing — to show the authorities that those who continue to steal, needs to go. The government, which is unable to bear political responsibility for the fact that there was no corruption, has no right to exist. The mechanism of national security and survival of our country is destruction of the internal aggressor. And the aggressor — corruption and corrupt officials in power. Each of them has a name“.

In February 2016, the Minister of economic development and trade aivaras abromavicius has unexpectedly named the first name “internal aggressor”, transparently hinting at the head of the Ukrainian state. It is worth noting that, as reported by “Ukrainian truth”, on the eve of his high-profile move Abromavicius visited the American Embassy. Maybe it’s just a coincidence, and perhaps without this visit there would be a demarche. It is highly doubtful that the Minister of economic development and trade has decided to publicly “neahti” on the President without approval. This is evidenced by the instant support “vzbryknula” Abromavicius from the U.S. and European embassies, which thus gave to understand which side they are in a conflict has arisen.

It should also be noted that both in Washington and in Brussels is gradually improving understanding of what the West is helpless to change anything in Ukraine. All Western forcing the Ukrainian authorities to reform glides over the surface of the simulation, without bringing any real results. The laws can hardly be accepted, but they are not executed. That’s why Ukrainian corruption is blooming rapidly in a noisy anti-corruption campaign, representing, in fact, a theatrical performance for the West.

Curiously, a few days before the move Abromavicius in The Foreign Policy published an article by a former employee of the U.S. Agency for international development Josh Cohen. In it he wrote that to overcome corruption in Ukraine in the conditions when the judicial system and prosecutors are corrupt through and through, only creating the international Tribunal, not subordinate to the Ukrainian authorities. As a sample, an American expert suggested that the International Commission against impunity in Guatemala (International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala). She has since its inception filed charges against 160 current and former officials of that country, including the President.

In fact, Josh Cohen has proposed to transfer all justice in Ukraine is an international Agency beyond the framework of the Ukrainian judicial system to judge Ukrainian citizens, foreigners. It is clear that the international Tribunal for Ukraine is unlikely to be able to do without the body of inquiry, also outside the Ukrainian jurisdiction.

It is clear that such ideas are the result of helplessness of the West. In fact Ukraine turned to Europe and the United States in a very heavy suitcase without a handle. Carry it each month harder and harder, and to throw it. Politically Americans are stuck in Ukraine, as in military terms, they were mired in Vietnam. This is about winning, no one leads. In order to save face, Washington now wants the Ukrainian authorities, at least some real positive and not just empty words on mythical achievements. Well, the Europeans are now all in shock from what is happening in Ukraine. Brussels is trying to distance itself from Kiev. Political and financial support Ukraine is gradually minimized.

First of all, this is clearly evidenced by the failure of the Ukrainian authorities for the past seven months to receive the next tranche of the IMF, although the formal reasons not to give the Fund are not available. The money the West has “squeezed” and doesn’t explain why.

Furthermore, it is now a big question is the ratification of the EU Association agreement with Ukraine. The fact that the Dutch government is ready to reconsider its position on this issue, if in the course of the forthcoming referendum, the citizens of this country will vote against the ratification of the agreement. About this stated the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Netherlands Bert Koenders. It should be added that in December 2015, the poll showed that 62% of Dutch citizens opposed the Association with Ukraine.

The Dutch obviously have an aversion to Ukraine. Why? This mystery suddenly revealed in a Twitter post of a Deputy of the Parliament of the Netherlands Peter Omtzigt, written on January 22, right in the hall, where he heard a progress report on the investigation of the downed over Donbass Boeing. In it he explained that “theCTIVD (the supervisor of the secret service) confirms: according to services, only Ukraine had an operable BUK system in Eastern Ukraine on July 17“. Ie, if you believe Omtzigt, January 22, in the Parliament of the Netherlands was made by the head CTIVD (special Commission dealing with oversight of intelligence agencies and military) Harm Brauer, who told Dutch MPs that according to the CTIVD on the day of the destruction of the Boeing 777 “Malaysian airlines”, in the Donbass in working order were only “Buki”, in service with the Ukrainian army.

It seems that the West is tired just so to provide after the regime in Ukraine with financial and political support, but also in every possible way to cover it up. The US and the EU want to see the results of their efforts in Ukraine. And they simply do not. And it is quite capable to change Western plans against our country.

Gradually changing and the tone of the Western media on Ukraine (which is only a recent French documentary film “Masks of revolution”). The perception of her in the USA and Europe becomes more critical and more negative. Kiev every month increasingly difficult to maintain in the West its image. The euphoria of “victory” in Ukraine was transformed to the disappointment of the “failure”, as the political regime of Poroshenko-Yatsenyuk in the U.S. and Europe has been increasingly perceived as a Western “defeat”.

The West, slowly but steadily, turns away from Ukraine. He does not know that with it to do. He sees in it only a tangle of unsolvable problems.

On this background in Kiev continues to develop an acute internal political crisis. Completely devoid of any support Arseniy Yatsenyuk’s government is teetering on the verge of retirement. The majority of Ukrainian citizens…


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  1. Ребята, чем так переводить – лучше совсем никак. Как вы сами воспримете человека, пытающегося вам что-то доказать фразами типа “моя твоя хотеть сказать там не такое” ?
    For the sake of the West Ukraine had powerful political and financial support. – Для цели Западной Украины имело мощную политическую и финансовую поддержку.
    And now since the overthrow of the regime of Viktor Yanukovych was two years ago. – И теперь с момента свержения режима Виктора Януковича было два года назад.
    He does not know that with it to do. – Какой-то человек (в оригинале – Запад) не знает, какое с этим делать.
    Это лишь несколько примеров.

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