Typhoon "Lionrock"… not washed Vladivostok

Frightened we frightened a few days… this Typhoon. Then he added that he can connect with a following cyclone.

MOE even recommended to refrain from traveling (and from work is not recommended? – ironically asked a colleague of mine), stock up on “matches with bread and water”…
And here is the third day and everything is fine.

However in the North of Primorsky Krai nature rages:

Pictures and doomsday comments took dmitry_rudakoff in Typhoon “Lionrock” – day two

…batch of pictures from our seats, which is already the third day under the power of Typhoon Lionrock”. How many live here, I can’t think of such relentless pressure of the elements… the Third day of pouring from a bucket. On a photo the Federal highway Osinovka-Ore Pier 45 km.


The road connecting our city with the world, cut off even on the eve, or rather blocked its nature, and dps only recorded this obvious fact… there are No bridges near the villages of Vysokogorsk, Kavalerovo, Noisy, Antonivka, Lenine, Bright.


Little Nezhdanka river, or rather brook, which easily pass even the baby ate a piece of the Federal highway in the area of Dalnegorsk – Vysokogorsk.



A couple of hours and travel anymore.


In the city, relatively quiet, city authorities as they can resist nature, such as the levees in my childhood, in the 80s, drawn in his youth (Judy), and now in his Mature years the same sweet map it just – the river comes not.


The hill in the raging river this is the bridge that I showed yesterday, the battle for it was lost, but the battle continues.


To understand what is happening. Distance from residential areas to the river about 30 meters, so the place is always being, Yes, and probably will occur such local skirmishes with nature.


In dry weather the distance between the level of the river and the bridge more than 3 meters, at the moment the river is on top of it.


Cafe on the river. Only recently it made repairs, but the place failed, there the river makes a turn, and the distance between the building and the edge of the shore just metres away. The owners are not local, just shows that they just do not know the temper of our mountain rivers that can decades to sleep, and then at one point rastavlyaet points on you….

And in Kavalerovo the house washed!

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