Ukraine: the third year without haloperidol

I’m sure you all know that the Kremlin was trying to disrupt the holiday season in Crimea, which has repeatedly hired convicted criminals, which gave the employees of the Main intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine. As a result, the millions of Ukrainians who wanted to relax on the Crimean coast to their bodies to cover up the “Fatherland” from the invasion of armed Russian aggressors were forced to change their plans.
However, once again the crafty, aggressive and misanthropic plans of “Russian terrorists” were neutralized. The Secretary of national security and defense of Ukraine, the former owner of underground video store in the city on equal footing with Yulia Tymoshenko) Oleksandr Turchynov mental denounced what he usually exposes in such cases. On the side of Ukraine as a United front made by the US in the form of Biden and the Chancellor is rapidly accepting Islam of Germany Angela Merkel. We were five minutes away from war with Russia, which lasts for three years. Vice President Joe Biden called Poroshenko with words of consolation and instruction. When found the Ukrainian President, who has been hiding from possible nuclear strike in a well-equipped and secure the closet, then gave him a message for Joe. Like, not ochkuy, everything will be beam, nuclear aircraft carrier “Innocent victims” Kennedy is ready for a rapid dip in the Bosphorus, and on Board special anti-submarine aircraft with the nuclear guidance.

Merkel was more concise, but because Peter was studying English, which he mastered with a good accent, to accurately translate the speech of the Angels failed. All…a minute, so fast it happened: Putin attacked the toilet paper ran out at the most inopportune moment, the Prime Minister Groysman once again confirmed that it is rare to…b, and then there was a call from Berlin. In General, the international, the message has been that we should sit quietly, because they can tumble. And it’s very real. Understood that the West is a mountain in Ukraine, is ready at any time of the day or even nights Poroshenko to Express his moral support and convey another batch of ultra-modern weapons in the form of special applications, allowing you to find pokémon right at the forefront of the DNI and LC.
The situation has stabilized since the presidential Administration of Ukraine received a fresh toilet paper purchased on the basis of system of the electronic tenders “ProZorrо”. The winner was a Panamanian company, was in the winery at the address where he lived in the nineties of the last century, a young but terribly talented Vladimir Groisman.
It’s time to analyze the main trends and geopolitical prospects of the great Ukrainian policy in the light of the expansion of the Kremlin.
First, it has become clear that decisive reforms carried out by the President, the government and Polish rocker, as head of “Ukrzaliznytsya”, is already irreversible. This is how to squeeze toothpaste from a tube, and then try to push it back. In August, the Ukrainians got the bills for communal, which read like an exciting political Thriller. In any case, the vast majority of the population, as it turned out, is an intricate sexual relations with the top leadership of the country. And as you read, count the “cold water”, “hot water”, “electricity”, “gas” the degree of closeness of the government and the people increases, acquiring a pronounced European, that is anal in nature.
Secondly, on the eve of the 25 th anniversary of independence of Ukraine it became clear that the criminal regime of Yanukovych financed Manafort Sex of the head of the electoral headquarters of the candidate for the US presidency from the Republican party of Donald trump. You to understand that in Ukraine I hate trump. All conscious, Patriotic citizens and citizen with a manicure in the colors of the Italian flag (yellow, blue, yellow and so on) I think Donald is the spawn of hell the Kremlin. And here in the study of the so-called “barn books” of the Party of regions (the list of expenses for current needs) it turned out that Paul took cash, approximately $ 12 million. In exchange, he promised to make Yanukovych the President and the silence of Obama, that he was not arisen about the will of the Ukrainian people. Their promises Manafort kept. Now he is the enemy of Ukraine. This is normal.
All the rejoicing, since Ukraine has become an active subject of great international policy, and the above – mentioned trump’s “the cut” (executioner) “the revolution of a gidnost”. Don’t even ask how it happened, just a note. Now the brotherly American people are forced to resist manipulation by the former companion of the bloody regime of Yanukovych. Ukrainian analysts are concerned about more than a real threat to the establishment in the USA gangster of the totalitarian regime and call in case of a victory of Donald trump in the election to go to Washington on the Maidan under the slogan “he stole our votes. And Hillary Clinton is the national hero of Ukraine, “Bereginya” (“talisman”) of team nation at the Olympic games in Rio. Again, don’t even ask how it happened. There is a special, completely perverted reality. In this regard, I wish to write a few words in defense of his good friend Rostislav Ishchenko, the political scientist, who was forced to emigrate to Russia. Often hear it criticized the isolation from the Ukrainian reality. Say, the third year predicts that Ukraine n…n, but in reality it is not so. It’s all in the tools. Rostik uses the somewhat outdated concept of “instant p…TSA, which “comes”. It (the concept) really has a right to exist. If I three years ago said that an alcoholic Yury Lutsenko will be the attorney General, degenerate Parubiy speaker of the Parliament, and the Director of the Vinnytsia market Prime Minister, I would have said, “it is a complete n…n”. However, life goes on, and millions of people somehow exist in this genocidal reality. It’s all relative. Therefore, it is necessary to use the theory of multi-layered bottom. It would seem that we’ve hit bottom yet, but there are certainly some #saranskij, confidently piercing your head, the next bottom. Rostislav so do not judge strictly. He doesn’t live in it.
And finally, third: activists led by the MP Serhiy Leshchenko (the man with a complicated fate and orientation) built a giant toilet, which pointedly tried to shit. This performance symbolizes the steady movement of Europe in Kiev, as it is not pulled from this puke. The reason for pure anal creativity of activists, volunteers, morons and Leshchenko became the so-called system of electronic Declaration of incomes and expenses of officials and politicians. She had become fully effective from August 15, but not earned. All, in principle, have to be…and on the system, and Leshchenko, and even his fake toilet. But the subtlety lies in the fact that the Europeans without this electronic Declaration refusing to grant Ukraine long-awaited visa-free regime. The country for three years for this regime broke into the trash, and then there’s the scandal with the “e-Declaration”. No, the system seems to be working, but there is no guarantee of security. It cannot therefore be held criminally liable for false information. All the screaming, scratching their hands in despair, build the toilets and call to punish corrupt officials. All of this is closely connected with the aggression of Putin, the financing Party of regions Donald trump and the purchase of toilet paper through the electronic trading service “ProZorro”. Don’t even ask how.
Alexander Zubchenko

Translated by Yandex Translate