Unexpected Chekhov

The idol of our intellectuals Anton Chekhov was an active slag. Loved this case and artilleriiskii officer Leo Tolstoy. Fun living poet Pushkin even the list led their copulations.

But the real, artistic and beautiful book about love created in the Russian literature only Ivan Bunin. This “Dark alleys”. Tolstoy has poisoned your experience of moralizing in “Anna Karenina” and “Resurrection.” But the Czechs kept silent, sterile “the lady with the dog doesn’t count”…

You will not believe it, but most of all from classics of literature from the Soviet censorship affected not questionable in terms of Communist ideology, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, and is the author of “Kashtanka” and “Vanka Zhukov”!
Publication Of The Full (?) the collected works of Chekhov was discussed in the Central Committee of the CPSU. It was said already in the Politburo. There is not allowed “discrediting and vulgarization of the” bright image of the writer. And mercilessly castrated his correspondence, diaries. As frivolous revelation of Anton Pavlovich about the relationship between men and women is not consistent with the public appearance of the main fighter against vulgarity.
So, let’s leaf through the first volume of the new collected works. And after the publisher warn you upfront that “you risk to meet the REAL Chekhov”!
The Muse of a great writer Lika MIZINOVA believed that it’s for CHEKHOV’s “not by Senka cap”
Sofas tarakaratna some nymphomaniac
“Women, Alex S., which are used, or, speaking in Moscow, tarakaratna on each sofa, not the essence of mad is dead cats suffering from nymphomania. The couch is very uncomfortable thing. He is accused of fornication more often than he deserves. I once in my life only used the sofa and cursed him.” Who wrote it? 28-year-old Czechs! His older friend and mentor Suvorina, the largest Russian publisher, which a lot of mischief in Russia and Europe.
“…The slutty women I have seen before and he sinned many times, but Zola and the lady who told You the “clap – and ready,” I don’t believe. Slutty people and writers like to pretend to be a groceries and connoisseur of fornication, they are brave, resolute, resourceful, used in 33 ways, almost on the edge of a knife, but it only in words, but in fact, the use of cooks and go in the ruble brothels. All writers lie.
To use a lady in the city is not as easy as they write. I have not seen any such apartment (decent, of course) wherever possible lay dressed in corset, skirt and bustle (a pad, which I put back under the skirt below the waist to give the figure volume. – E.M.) the woman on the chest, or on the couch or on the floor and eat it so to not notice home. All these terms like in the stanchion, sedacca and so on. nonsense.
The easiest way is the bed, and the remaining 33 difficult and Etobicoke in a private room or shed. Novels with a lady from a respectable round – the procedure is long. First, you need a night, second, you go to the Hermitage, thirdly, in the Hermitage tell you that there are no rooms available, and you are going to look for another refuge, fourthly, in the room your lady is falling down, antilirium, shivering and exclaims: “Oh, my God, what am I doing? No? No?” a good hour goes on the strip, the words, the fifth, the lady your on the way back has the expression as if you raped her, all the while muttering, “No, never forgive you!” All this doesn’t sound like “Bang and go!”. Of course, there are cases when a person sins, just shoot – Bang! Bang! and ready, but these cases are not frequent, so they have to talk. Don’t trust in You stories! Believe brave lovers as little as and hunters.
Remember the saying: “what hurts, he says, and that” – many who post, the more all and with great pleasure tells about the amorous adventures and 33 methods. Nobody loves pohani, as spinsters and widows who have no lover. Writers should be suspicious to all love stories and epics. If Zola himself used on tables, under tables, on fences, in dog kennels and in the stagecoaches or the eyes saw, how to use, believe his novels; if he wrote on the basis of rumors and stories friendly, acted recklessly and carelessly”.
A speech in the letter goes about fashionable at the time among the Russian intelligentsia erotic novel of Emile Zola “Nana”. About the adventures of a courtesan in high society. A sort of Parisian glamour of the XIX century, which are the roots of our modern books on Rublevsky adventures. Admired “Nana” and a serious publisher Suvorin. Only Anton has the courage to speak out against. And he was right. Even against cook. Although Zola never did.
Henri de TOULOUSE-LAUTREC made a Studio in a Parisian brothel
(painting “In the salon on Moulin street”, 1894-1895.)

Already in the twentieth century historian guy Breton has documented the foresight of Chekhov. Zola in his youth, really a lot of “post” in bed. Admitted that after the wedding had intimacy with your wife once in 8 – 10 days. Further, these lean periods has increased, as sex writer did not like. The notorious “Nana” he really wrote the stories of friends, courtesans, newspaper gossip. Only 50 years was enough, that life is passing. Got together with his 20-year-old cook Jeanne. And lived with her until his death. Chekhov himself always professed the truth and only the truth. If “post” then do not dream, and honestly wrote to a friend: “the Weather is nasty, rain falls every 5 minutes.
Bored and sad and nobody…”. “Babkine still …nobody”. “I have a cold, the fish are not caught, … no one to drink with anyone and we can’t shoot fit.” Oh, it’s grandma’s, preserved to this day the village in the suburban town of Istra. But the rain and cold has passed, the sun appeared and ladies. “In Odessa, due to some circumstances, it spent a lot of money. Everything is up in the pipe was only on the way back. In a country where a lot of good wine and excellent horses, where 20 women have one man, it is difficult to be economical.
The most pleasant moments in this respect fell to the writer during a trip to the infamous island of Sakhalin convicts. What Anton Chekhov was told from the road publisher Suvorin. (Again, flipping the 1st volume.) At the same time openav Suvorina for refusing from writing drama: “You shouldn’t have left the Marina Mnishek; of all the historic blazicek it is probably the most colorful.” However, Tomsk traveler clearly did not like. The local chief of police offered to make fun of the institution. “After returning from the brothels. Disgusting. Two hours of the night.
Apono mother is good to use
Other business – Blagoveshchensk, where “begin” Japanese women. Little brunette with big tricky hair, beautiful body and short thighs. “When curiosity consumed the Japanese, you begin to understand Schelkovskogo, which is said to have appeared on one card with some Japanese slut. Room Japanese women have a clean, Asian-sentimental, full of fine things; no cans, no rubbers, no generals ‘ portraits.
On the pillow you lie down, and Japanese, not to spoil her hair, puts under the head of a wooden stand. The head rests on the concave part. Shy Japanese has its own understanding: the fire does not extinguish and the question of how Japanese is called something or other, it responds directly and thus badly knowing Russian language, pointing fingers and even picks up, and it doesn’t break and affectations, like the Russians.
And all the while laughing and throws the sound of “TC”. In the case evinces the craftsmanship is amazing, so you think that you do not consume, and participate in horse riding high school. Ending Japanese woman pulls out of the sleeve teeth a sheet of cotton paper, catches you for the “boy” (remember Maria Krestovskaya?) and suddenly you produce rubbing while the paper tickles the stomach. And all that Flirty, laughing, and “TC”.
The way back from Sakhalin passed through Ceylon: “the Place where Paradise was. Here in Paradise I did more than 100 miles by railway and by the throat were filled with palm forests and bronze women. When I have children, I proudly tell them, “the sons of Bitches in my lifetime I have had intercourse with a black-eyed Hindu… where? In coconut forest on a moonlit night!”
It is a pity that their children Anton to get did not. Only in ‘ 41 he married the famous actress Olga Knipper, and in 44 burned from tuberculosis in Germany. A few days before the death of this Swinger wrote in his last letter: “not a single decently dressed German woman, the bad taste that brings sadness…”
Who came up with “fuck”
The authorship of the now-popular effect, indicating an intimate process between a man and a woman, is credited with fashion in the restructuring translator of Western films Vasily Gorchakov. According to another version, his first uttered in the appropriate context Viktor Tsoi. In the movie “Igla”. But the palm seems to belong to Anton Pavlovich. In the NINETEENTH century he wrote: “Terrones times, and drugged will not fall!” Fuck – terrakotta – the words are very close. Even the expression is: Bang-bangity Bang!
The writer recalled that when “used” Japanese girl, she did not break, and not affectation, as the Russian
Main sexual authority
Devoted wife of Anton Pavlovich was medicine. Mistress – literature. But few know about the period when he was going to surrender to a new passion – science. Student picked an original theme for master’s thesis: “History of sexual authority”. Preserved plan of the thesis in a few pages.
Chekhov decided to consider this the most “authority” in all aspects: from worms, spiders and fish to… women. Have proved that in birds the male is always stronger than females. The same in humans – male above female. The woman is everywhere passive. She gives birth to meat for the guns, and never standing above the men in the sense of politics and sociology. Good doctor, good lawyer, etc., the lady in the field of creativity – goose, claimed the Czechs. The perfect body creates, and a woman anything else is not created.
George sand is not a Newton or Shakespeare. She’s not a thinker. But the fact that she’s still a fool, does not mean that someday the lady will not become a good nature strive for equality. This idea Chekhov, by his own admission, is not stolen. He invented. But the love affair with literature was more enticing than science. Even the science of sex. And flew in the magazines naughty tales-the pieces signed “Antosha Chekhonte” and “Man without a spleen”.
Chekhov was never the mummy, the ascetic.
“I dreamt that I was applying the poultice on the stomach Shabel’skoye. She’s very cute, and I’m glad that was useful to her even in my dream”. Here is his advice of the famous Russian writer-the humanist, the author of “Children of the underground”: “Korolenka need wife change, be sure to start to write better. And he’s too noble.” “I think it was itscale women! – the diagnosis of a sick painter Isaac Levitan, a famous lover of the weaker sex. These cute creatures give love and take men little: only the young.
If I was the only landscape artist, would lead a life of almost ascetic: used once a year and eat once a day”
When the famous columnist Bilibin began to play tricks nerves, Anton Pavlovich recommend to friends, send it to the Crimea: “For 200 rubles a month to live on the southern coast of the Crimea; enough not only for habitation and the grub, but even for girls, when he in his old age wish them to have.”
But rebuke belletrista E. Shavrova, which unsuccessfully tried to marry the writer himself: “We old bachelors smell like dog? So be it. But what about the fact that the doctors at the women’s diseases in the soul of a celadon and cynics, allow me to argue. Gynecologists deal with fierce prose that You do not even dreamed of and which You, maybe, with a ferocity peculiar to your imagination, would smell worse than a dog.”
As for the inevitable accusations of corruption: “…Everything in this world is relative. There are people who are corrupt even children’s literature which was very pleased to read in the Psalms and the Proverbs of Solomon naughty places. There are also those who are more than familiar with everyday dirt, the be cleaner. Publicists, lawyers and doctors, all the mysteries of human sin, are unknown for “immoral”.
Ivan Bunin, himself a great specialist as part of the women recalled: “Surprisingly he knew a woman’s heart, subtly and strongly felt femininity, among the images produced in his dream, there are images of the captivating, there were many who loved it, and hardly anyone knew how like him to speak to women, to touch them, to join with them in spiritual intimacy… And not just spiritual.
For its time, Chekhov was a real giant (186 cm) and handsome, who enjoyed huge success with women. Secrets of carnal love, according to his autobiography, he suffered in 13 years.
However, the Czechs-don Juan is virtually unknown. Not an example of the same Pushkin. Not, he led the don Juan lists, not having scandalous Affairs with ladies of high society. Except that with Actresses.
Well, it’s God himself told the author of the famous plays.
A wise idea Chekhov
* To go to Paris with my wife like go to Tula with his samovar!
* Married cease to be curious.
* Women without male society fade, and men without women get stupid.
* Know there is no woman who would not change. But that means nothing. This nobody no harm.
* The unfaithful wife – a big cold Burger, which does not want to touch it because it is already held in the hands of someone else.
* Who are few and lazy, in fact, earlier impotence. It I based on the science say.
* It is necessary to educate the woman so that she was able to realize his mistakes, and that, in her opinion, she’s always right.
* The difference between a man and a woman: woman, aging, more and more deep into Indian Affairs, and the man, getting older, more and more away from Indian Affairs.
* Wonderful sea, blue and soft as the hair of an innocent girl.
Weather in Moscow is bad, worse than sexual perversion.
* I’m going to write about polygamy advocate which subscribe.
* When I get rich, you open yourself a harem, which I will naked fat women with their buttocks painted green paint.
* I promise to be a splendid husband, but give me a wife who like the moon, would be in my sky every day. Because I’m getting married, to write I don’t get any better.

Eugene Melekhov
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