WADA. When evidence is not necessary


As well as the as well! (C)
It turns out, were not officers of the FSB, changing the tubes with urine in Sochi, as there was no corrupting of Vlad Putin’s fingerprints on the glasses from under the compote American team. It’s incredible, but seems to do this.

The Commission of Richard pound, which investigated doping in Russian athletics, has not found evidence that the government interfered in the activities of the all-Russian athletics Federation (vfla). This was stated by the head of the world anti-doping Agency (WADA) Craig reedy.
Damn, but this does not mean that government intervention was not! Just haven’t found evidence! Here the US was in vitro evidence of Hussein’s chemical weapons and what razdolbaj Iraq, such weapons have not been found!
What does this mean? Yes, that now the evidence doesn’t mean anything! And where there is no Primate evidence there is always a primacy effect. Or the primacy of the Jackal locate near the center of power.
Could be from Hussein chemical weapons? Could.
Could the FSB officers to replace the bottles of urine? Oh, you don’t know those damned heirs cagibi! they can do everything! Steroids to turn into water, and Vice versa, the stones into bread.
What’s going on with international law? First, immoral turncoat, he’s dirty up to the ears of frauds-doping, broadcasting with a view of the Saint that the state power of the Russian Federation all deep in doping schemes.
Begin mass suspension of Russian athletes from the Olympic games. Athletics branded collectively (this is actually a wonderful phenomenon — a collective judgment for individual violations on the basis of slander of the person concerned).
Now I found out — nonsense. The state apparatus at anything. So now with the removal Isinbayeva and Co? Oshibochka out? What about Saddam’s chemical weapons? Was wrong too, of course.
The international Olympic movement before it was difficult to tear away from politics, but when it managed to become subservient to the political games of the highest rank?
Of course, to go to Rio after we relish spat in his face, was a big mistake the state level. Next time in the face already not harknet, and fist. Because in that world, in the West, the weak do not forgive.

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