Well, veremey stepped – Jew Poroshenko considers the Church of Constantinople the mother Church,

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko appealed to Constantinople with a request to separate the Ukrainian Church which in the XVII century is part of the Moscow Patriarchate, reported TASS.

“The Church of Constantinople for us was, is and will be the mother Church to which we, her children, appealed and will appeal for help, including to overcome the separation, which hurts the Orthodox Ukrainians”, – said Poroshenko.
This is the appeal of the Ukrainian President has made on the Vladimir hill in Kiev in honor of a religious holiday – Day of baptism of Rus. It remains a mystery why in such a serious approach to spiritual development of the state Ukrainian nationalists, with the support of the authorities almost ripped the festive procession, which was attended by over 80 thousand faithful.


Chief Rabbi of Kyiv confirmed Ukraine’s President Waltman (Poroshenko) Jew (2007)

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