What the media says about casualties in Iraq?


The ISIL has claimed responsibility for the attack on a shopping centre in the Iraqi capital, during which several people were taken hostage. This was reported by satellite channel Al-Jazeera. According to him, victims of the attacks were 19 people, another 48 were injured.
Of course, this is not a white people type of alliances-the French, not raped, and 1 (one) German in Cologne. Therefore, some media about and not say. Who cares, what have these… migrants on the homeland’s going on?

Here’s the Deutsche Welle:
And here’s the BBC:
But the governors of uncle Sam on earth the Echo of Moscow:
What’s Iraq?
RT, TASS, Izvestia is more objective.
What’s called a findings, where the media, where propaganda machine, do it yourself.
The media cannot be separated from propaganda, it is clear, however, this propaganda should be a place and any objective reflection of reality. Facts must be present, let you need of interpretation – but to be PRESENT. Otherwise, reality is broken, the information field acquires all the traits of psychotropic weapons of mass destruction.

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