"What we lacked during the Soviet era" ? …

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We smashed the Soviet Union and the Soviet government, why the hell are we idiots missed?

With the fat mad? Exactly. With fat with himself.
I lived like Christ in his bosom. Each birth was provided by the fact that now have meat to take away from the other, and even hell will be taken away.
Work for all and free housing to all the homeless were not – and could not. The rent – a pittance, medicine – free. Education (best in the world by the way) free.
For children anything: and free kindergartens, sports clubs, Palaces of Pioneers, and summer camp.
Adults discounted vouchers from businesses in the sanatorium – preventorium, consumer loans interest-free.
Fridges crammed, even the shelves were empty, but no one starved as it is now.
Was real freedom, not this false “freedom”, about which shout the liberals. Freedom from fear of the future – and what could be more important than this freedom? The future was provided you and your family.
Do not fear that your son will suddenly become a drug addict, and the daughter of a prostitute. Not afraid to include children TV: know what they will see there is only good and good cartoons, and not that adults don’t need to watch.
Don’t headache, where children get money for school.
Not afraid of becoming a victim of crime, because the crime was extremely low. And there were no bars on the Windows, no iron doors in the apartments, no alarms. Doors made of pressed sawdust and a key under the Mat.
Not afraid to get sick – medicine-free and with no arguing over the fact that he went to the hospital.
Yes, to criticize the authorities was impossible. And to hell with it. This freedom to tear the throat on Bolotnaya square and nail nail balls to the cobblestones of red square and then the people were not necessary – and now she did not use.
But one could safely criticize their superiors without fear that there will be out of this job and will remain without means of livelihood, and loans to pay. You now, if you have decided to buy something, in slavery to the Bank – and therefore the employer.
Now try to say against him. Not against Putin or Medvedev – it’s not scary; bloody gebeshny mode to fault – it’s all healthy today! No, you come tomorrow to my office and call me a goat head and embezzlers! What, afraid, free Russian?
While the Union would, for such was not. My relative drove once drunk punched in the face to the Director of carpool. Criticized so to speak, in understandable form. He was punished – migrate home for the winter, that’s all.
Come on count, free Russian, this case itself.
Our great-grandfathers, grandfathers and fathers incredible difficulty, passing through Civil, industrialization, the Great Patriotic war, postwar devastation, built us a strong, warm and safe home, where each had a place.
And we the house gave – not sold even, gave! – some freaks, and now in this house take off their corner for big money.
How we got fooled in ‘ 91! As the last of idiots, Yes, we were idiots!
What do you want, fools, then not enough? Now I do not understand…

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