What’s wrong with Christmas?

A week ago last weekend the weekend in Nizhny Tagil was held the celebration of “Christmas eve”. More than a hundred children of Sverdlovsk region took part in it. Children’s party is always nice. That can compare with a happy child smile? The answer is obvious. The question is different.
The event, which was dominated by media reports of “the spirit of German Christmas” was organized with the support of the city administration. Another organizer — a National-cultural autonomy of the Germans, which aims to keep the Russian Germans as an ethnic group. Support for the event had the Consul General of Germany in Sverdlovsk region Stefan Keil, he personally welcomed the participants.

Clearly, the Germans, of which in the Sverdlovsk region, according to 2010 about 15 thousand people, conducted with official authority your event. And I didn’t pay attention to them — spent and spent, let them. If not for two things.
First. One report on the evening local news Agency compared the final song of the evening, O Tannenbaum, German — “Oh, Christmas tree!”, with our song “the forest raised a Christmas tree”. As it turned out, according to the journalists, the songs are similar in meaning, except that German “at the same time more lyrical and solemn”. There are the words of Tagiloni of the German Diaspora Korikovoy Irene (nee Ross) that “German Christmas more festive”. Yes, survived is the tree we have is not the same, not so green and fluffy. And Christmas is not the same.
Second. In the city Museum of fine arts organized a festive evening “In anticipation of Christmas,” and the city administration also reported. You might think that we are talking about the Orthodox Christmas. But no, the celebration was held yesterday on December 23, the eve of Catholic Christmas.
Although the program of the evening, according to the poster, attention was paid to the Orthodox tradition, worrying that the occasion at the Museum takes place on the eve of Western. In my understanding, there is a substitution of concepts – the Orthodox Christmas Catholic, and this is done subtly, implicitly. Half-words and images introduced into people astray.
Events were many, as reported: “the guests of the evening waiting for cooking (it’s in the Museum of art?!) and art workshops, concerts, theatrical and vocal performances, fairs of craftsmen, Christmas theatrical tours, literary evenings”. Probably so people came more and would have joined the Western tradition. And it turns out that the same is wanted also in the city administration, if you post on information sites, suitable material, indicating that the evening devoted to “the traditions of Christmas celebration in Russian and foreign culture.”
So, the question is what caused this “friendly” meeting holiday – Christmas and pushing it to the masses, which is never our wasn’t?
Almost all of our late-Soviet and post-Soviet “elite” participated and involved in the company “Europe”. Proponents of this idea are dreaming themselves in the “aroah”, “Arabeska” streets, parks, alleys, etc. will not Will their actions aimed at implementing this project. And “works” is the enterprise for several decades.
The activity of devastating it. And it is clear why. From the desire to merge with Europe. But for that to be possible, you need to change our “cultural codes”, the cultural core of the nation. And when time after time this fails to appear, the cries that the people are not the same.
Russia failed to win many wars, everywhere it gave “back to the Stranglers”. But now the war is waged by other means. Bismarck – Chancellor of Germany, to whom the Consul Stefan Keil is a compatriot, said: “Russian is impossible to win, we have seen this for hundreds of years. > > > And then they win themselves.”
All that is not correlated with the history of our great country does not belong to her, people, has cultural and historical roots, is inherently false. False capitalism is tearing society into atoms, the false liberal values, putting in the forefront individualism against our Russian community itself is false history of the “new” Russia, rejecting the Soviet period of our state.
Bismarck also said: “Even the most successful outcome of the war will never lead to the disintegration of Russia, which is based on millions of Russian believers Greek denomination. These last, even if they are due to international treaties will be severed as fast to re-connect with each other, as find a way to each other, the detached droplets of mercury.”
Here and try to knock Orthodox support, yet in a weak form by imposing us the Catholic Christmas. But the so-called “elite” pulls people not in the real Europe, which in the classic sense is long gone, and in their dreams about her. In medicine certainly is the name of this symptom, when the real world picture of the world replaced with fantasy.
In modern Europe with millions of refugees, she’s tolerant, and changing, Christmas is not the same. In Holland, for example, this year in television has a social advertising of the upcoming holiday, in which the word “Christmas” replaced with “December”. “Celebrating December together!”. “Merry December” now I wish the Dutch to each other.

Our, I want to say Hicks, but we are aware that this is not so, but quite the contrary, run, run headlong to the West. Ready to sacrifice the most important — their identity.
Identity is when almost the words of Pushkin: “Here Russian spirit… it smells!”. And we, you know, about “the German spirit” talking. By the way in Germany, so as not to offend the feelings of a new Europe faithful in the city of Kassel, in Hesse in kindergarten because of “different cultures” of the children ahead of time in October canceled a matinee on Christmas day. In Paris, Brussels and other European cities last year were cancelled new year’s eve fireworks. In many places, without the main symbol of the holiday — ate, also gave up bell-ringing at Christmas.
In General, run some of our citizens from the Christmas Orthodox Christmas Catholic, from the Victory Parade to a completely different substance parades. And probably out of inertia, because the world is changing and to ignore, not to understand this is impossible.
Date of entry: 24 December 2016.

Translated by Yandex Translate