When tomorrow comes

You to understand that if “religious ritual” (an expression of the Minister of internal Affairs) were sent to the parishioners of the UOC-KP, Greco-Catholics, Buddhists, Jehovah’s witnesses, there are no problems with security would not have arisen. When gays at the behest of holders of European values held a parade in front of the University, almost by battalions from the ATO didn’t. Or fit? I don’t remember. But there’s a special case. Broken monopoly on the conduct of processions, including a torchlight, acts of sodomy in the Central square, which is owned by the last-the “revolution of gidnost”.
Therefore, the Ministry of internal Affairs admitted that are unable to ensure the safety of participants in the procession. Now, if the streets went gay, then, of course, is another matter. European values, a visa-free regime, major pee squirt boy, #akarli and all that. And so “the safety of citizens above religious rituals.” I just found a bunch of “bookmarks”: grenades dummy explosive devices used by the patriots condoms for anal sex. Robot EOD worked. Investigated. Analyzed. Therefore, tens of thousands of people on the streets of Kiev, who profess different ideological principles should not appear. All office hamsters breathed a sigh of relief. They’re poor, changed diapers more frequently than Hanna hopko bras. All went to the occupation of Kiev in two airborne divisions of the defense Ministry. A clown visited the “high offices” and him with “bulging from fear through the eyes of” announced” as soon as during the procession there will be bloodshed, immediately landed Marines in the capital. Almost without a pause. Eight pages of creepy sracha on “up”. First, “intelligence” ridiculed version of invasion of the special forces in Kyiv. Say, defense and dobrobiti all be shot and hanged for another approach to Rostov. Then depressed and admitted the probability of landing heavily Laden with Silt” in the airport name Mazepa-Malevich.

The procession through the streets of Kiev will have terrible “provocative impact on the social and active biomass that learns to act as fascists. Everyone will be upset. Is the place on the streets, “the great Ukrainian towns” people who pray for peace and at the same time hardly use the canonical “SUGS”, “CNSV”, “TOS”?
In General, the existence of millions of believers somehow ignored on the national level.” There is one absolute “edyna” nation. And all the rest – approximately seventy percent of the population – must undergo refresher courses in special filtration camps. You see how it is… When there is nowhere like a sea of people celebrating the Millennium of Christianity in Russia, and even outside the framework of official events UPTS KP, then this just should not be. Eyes crumble underlying philosophical and even “philosophical” build followers “revolution of dignity”. Well, as a philosophical… a Very primitive level of understanding of reality: ate, took a shit, put on camouflage – the hero of the nation.
There is a global experiment to transform tens of millions of people in organic cattle, which grows the canola, corn, and also makes startups “Shawarma with no cat meat, automatic database update. All kreativnenko, very glamorous and even sometimes “sexy”.
“Reflash” the long history, it introduces new concepts, changing place names, worldview and even ceremonies. Desperately trying to form a new, coherent picture of the world “Ukrainians” separately from the rest of the visible Universe. There are three parts of the new “religion”: a visa-free regime evroassotsiatsiya and “Putin – h..lo”. This is enough for deducing the offices of a new breed of eurocomach without pathogenic diseases of the reproductive system and without, of course, of the brain.
And here the picture changes: how can a Patriotic native country to live with people who pray for peace, believe in the Lord and able to walk hundreds of kilometers for the sake of Faith. How can there be Faith in Ukraine if there is “our Nadia”? No, sorry, Nadia was a Trojan horse and litter Putin.
Only “megamari vyshyvanka”, a solemn funeral of the victims of the Kremlin regime and candles on major public holidays – genocide and famine. Otherwise, very quickly a gap pattern and the immature, sizettobytesunion brains who have learned to give the command right hand waving “yellow-Blakytny premortem” just explode. The real glitches and tedious wait the Pskov paratroopers on parachutes.
So the brain is constantly hammered the same point: Christianity is terrorism, where there is a Procession of the Moscow Patriarchate – always explosions and provocations. There can be only one local Church, all the rest in the form of MP needs to be destroyed. Of course, the mass event is frightening. Still, after three years, did not have any sacred “gingerbread”. Only used during the Maidan “leaders” turned into a trivial pokemon. And here comes a sea of people. It just can’t be. Where the ultras in short shorts with tattoos and fire? Where creative pid..Sy and a woman? Where embroidery and a parade of morons dressed Ukrainian designers, who are by definition morons? No. Of course, they are scared. There are ordinary people, without creative European slogans, witty slogans, selfies and other gadgets inherent in European hamsters. They pray to. Are icons. That’s all they madly want to blow up, drown in blood and sweep. Crazy. They level their skinny subconscious, steeped in delirium about gadgets and branded parfume, I know: this was before them and will after them. Because there are values that can’t change the whole army of the “European progressors”. They are above the vanity, which is pathetically called “big geopolitics”. Of course, there is something to rave about. From impotence. The same cannot be changed by law, by decree, the National guard and even with the help of the training conducted on Western grants. They are afraid of what will come tomorrow, 27 July. And tomorrow really will come.
Alexander Zubchenko

Translated by Yandex Translate