Where to find cheerfulness in the mornings?


Feel like a zombie? This has happened to all of us: waking up from the sudden alarm, I feel so exhausted like you never slept at all.
We are embarking on daily routine tasks: lazily eat Breakfast, rush to the bus, late for University or work and struggle with a sense of fatigue until the end of the day.

To be alert and energetic in the morning — like a fairy tale? Believe me, everything is possible! Simply listen to the advice Hotshowlife, and you will love the morning.
First, for a full-fledged need to sleep 7-9 hours. Stick to this rule, this amount of time is optimal.
Secondly, try to go to bed before midnight, as from 00.00 until 05.00 o’clock in the morning the body in sufficient quantity produces the hormone responsible for good sleep. In the morning you will feel refreshed.
It is hard to switch into the mode of “lark”, but if necessary it’s possible to relearn to Wake up every morning earlier than the previous one. Hard enough to get up early for a few hours, but a gradual transition (to get up early (10-15 minutes) by far the work.
Get used to a healthy Breakfast. Cereals, fruits, dairy products — the perfect health formula. Firstly, tasty food improves mood, and secondly, you will feel cheerful and energized throughout the day, because a good “recharge” the body with beneficial carbohydrates and vitamins.
Exercise. Opinions are divided: some people prefer to train in the gym or out for a jog in the evening, and someone in the morning. The choice is yours, however, it is more logical to do it in the morning because exercise speeds up the metabolism, the body is toned and energy during the working day is more than enough. If you are inclined to full trainings in the evening, highlight of the morning for 10-15 minutes and do minimal warm-up. Good exercise walking, stretching (gently!), which will help the body to warm up and Wake up.
Monitor mode on the weekends. It’s hard, but try to stay within the normal rhythm of the biological clock of the body. If you understand that to go to bed early does not work, try to sleep a couple hours later than usual. Not adipates Sunday whole day, or Wake up on time on Monday will be extremely difficult.
Sleep on the right side, if you want to have good dreams and Wake up in a great mood (scientifically proven fact).
Relax before bedtime. Keep the outside of the bed, a laptop, a tablet, a book, etc. Bed a place to sleep. Otherwise the body gets used to waking in bed, sleep will be hard. To relax, listen to relaxing music or take a bath.
Asleep, learn to ignore the worries and disturbing thoughts. If sleep has become impossible because of any feelings, put next to the bed Notepad, write out the causes of their anxiety. Think of them in the daytime, but avoid them at night. In a notebook you can also record your daily accomplishments, joys, plans. Just transfer information on paper to the head rest. It is also advisable to prepare for the morning the evening: think about what you’ll wear in the morning, prepare Breakfast, make sure things were in prominent places, because the panic of the morning running around in search of glasses case, stationery and cosmetics order prints.
Always ventilate the bedroom in the evening, and if possible, on the street not too cold, sleep with the window open.
“Larks”, “owls” and “pigeons” — I want to relax everything! The main thing is to do it right and be in harmony with each other.

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