White terror: Konchakovna

White terror: Konchakovna

In a series of reviews of the facts and testimony of participants and eyewitnesses, the genocide of the Russian people, organized by “native traditions” during the civil war 20-h years in Russia, called the white terror, it was the turn of the events associated with obesety and the most bloody butcher – Admiral Kolchak. Why in modern Russia from Kolchak, utopischer Siberia in Russian blood, trying propagandist serials and films, and monuments. sculpt the image of “Saviour of the nation” is a separate question. But after considering the facts of terror by the Admiral and his henchmen, it all sounds clearer. And it is not clear how it is possible on the same land soaked with the blood of thousands of victims of Kolchak, where there are monuments to them, to build monuments to their executioner? What does this “new tradition” instead of understanding and defining place in history, a very very controversial figure, and categorically false propaganda to glorify him? Whether for these “services” to the people?

The monument to the victims of Kulomzin uprising against the dictatorship of Kolchak.
“Nice” way of fighting for “homeland” started with the fact that Kolchak, violating the oath of the Russian Empire, first in the Navy swore allegiance to the Provisional government. After learning about the October revolution, gave the British Ambassador a request for admission to the English army. Accidentally resembles a modern event shkolnicami on the embassies? The Ambassador, after consultation with London, handed Kolchak direction on the Mesopotamian front. On the way there, in Singapore, it was overtaken by a telegram of the Russian envoy to China, Nikolai Kudashev, inviting him to Manchuria for the formation of Russian military units.
So, by August 1918 the armed forces of the RSFSR completely or almost completely resisted foreign troops, with the support of the “patriots, like Kolchak, Krasnov, Kornilov, Wrangel, etc.. Well, more eloquent than, “sworn friend” of Russia of this to say:
“It would be a mistake to think that throughout this year we fought on the front lines for a cause hostile to the Russian Bolsheviks. On the contrary, white Russians were fighting for OUR business”, – wrote later Winston Churchill.
And so the goals and objectives of Kolchak and his foreign owners were identified and he undertook their implementation, moreover, very specific methods. Below is a selection of facts and evidence, as they say, without comments:
The Order Of Kolchak:
“The civil war must be ruthless. Commanders, I order you to shoot all captured by the Communists. Now we rely on the bayonet”[P. Dotsenko, The struggle for Democracy. Eyewithness Account of Contemporary. Stanford, 1983. P. 109.].
And these instructions Kolchak his men with zeal fleshed out. Here are excerpts from the order of the Governor of the Yeniseisk and Irkutsk provinces part of Lieutenant-General S. N. Rozanov:
“Heads of military units operating in the area of the rebellion:
1.During the occupation of villages, previously captured robbers, to demand their leaders and leaders; if this does not happen, and reliable information about cash such are available, is to shoot the tenth.
2. Villages where the population meet the government troops with weapons, burn; adult male population to the polls shot; property, horses, carriages, bread and so on to select in favor of the Treasury.”
6. Among the people taking hostages, in case the actions of the villagers against the government troops, shoot the hostages mercilessly”

Antiulcerosos victims of the uprising, Tomsk
In 1918, the “Supreme ruler” Alexander Kolchak created some 40 concentration camps. The Ishim And Atbasar, Irkutsk, Tomsk, Omsk, Shkotovo, Blagoveshchensk, Tyukalinsk…
The government of Kolchak in December 1918, adopted a special resolution on the widespread introduction of the death penalty. Engaged in the enforcement of this Ordinance by the police. In addition, the Ministry of internal Affairs there was punitive detachments of special purpose. Serious crime was declared an insult Kolchak “in words”, for what was supposed imprisonment.
As follows from the memoirs, itself Kolchak repeatedly expressed the view that “the civil war must be ruthless”. The head of Ural region [refusing to perform their duties, characterized by Kolchak’s regime:
“dictatorship of the military authorities, punishment without trial, flogging even of women arrests on denunciation, slander persecution, the horrors in the camps of the red army who died during the week 178 of 1,600 people. “Apparently, they are all doomed to extinction”.
The staff captain Frolov Dragoon squadron corps Kappel told about his “exploits”:
“Hanging on the gate of Kostanay several hundred people, shoot a bit, we entered the village, the village Sarovka and Kargalinsk were cut under the nut, where sympathy for Bolshevism had to shoot all the men from 18 to 55 years of age, and then to let the “cock””.
As military defeat Kolchak generals became more and more violent. October 12, 1919 one of them is said to have ordered the execution of every tenth hostage, and in the case of a mass armed uprising against the army – all the inhabitants and burned the village to ashes. In the book of Litwin is the letter Perm work from November 15, 1919:
“We waited for Kolchak, as Christ’s day, and waited for the beast”.
Kolchak, as an intelligent commander-in-chief chose not to torture and flog and will not exercise the wit with mortals executions and just shoot. Printed Soviet sources claim that in the period of Kolchak in Yekaterinburg province, the whites tortured and killed over 25 thousand people and about 200 thousand were subjected to flogging.
Investigative case No. 37751 against ataman Annenkov, Boris the KGB began in may 1926. He was at that time 36 years old. About himself said that he came from nobility, he graduated from the Odessa military school and the Moscow Alexandrovsky military school. The October revolution did not recognize, a Cossack officer, at the front, decided not to run the Soviet decree on demobilization and at the head of a guerrilla squad in 1918 appeared in Omsk. In the army of Kolchak was the commander of the brigade, became major-General. After the defeat of the Semirechensk army with 4 thousand fighters went to China.
In a four-volume series investigating the case, accusing Annenkov and his former chief of staff N. Denisova, thousands of readings plundered peasants, relatives died at the hands of bandits, which operated under the motto:
“We are no prohibitions! God is with us and ataman Annenkov, ruby right and left!”
The indictment described the numerous facts of atrocities Annenkov and his gang. In early September 1918, the peasants of the Slavgorod district cleared the city from the guards of Siberian regionalists. On the pacification were sent hussars Annenkov. September 11 began in the city massacre: on this day, was tortured and killed up to 500 people. The hopes of the delegates to the peasant Congress that
“nobody will dare to touch people’s deputies failed. All the arrested peasant delegates of the Congress (87) Annenkov was ordered to chop up on the square opposite the people’s house and bury it there in the ditch.”
The Black village of Dol, where the headquarters of the rebels, was burned to the ground. Peasants, their wives and children were shot, beaten and hung on poles. Young girls from the town and surrounding villages has led to standing at the station of the train Slavgorod Annenkov, raped, then taken out of the cars and shot. Participant in the peasant uprisings in Slavgorod Blokhin testified, was executed by Annenkova terribly — pulled out the eyes, tongues, filmed the band on the back, living buried in the ground, tied to a pony tail. In Semipalatinsk, the chieftain threatened to shoot every fifth, if he will not pay indemnity.
Judged Annenkov and Denisova in Semipalatinsk, there by a court and executed on 12 August 1927. [335]

Excavations of graves of mass burials of victims of repression Kolchak March 1919, Tomsk, Russia
I have already quoted , the commander of American intervention forces in Siberia of General William Graves:
“In Eastern Siberia, has committed a terrible murder, but they were committed not by the Bolsheviks, as is usually thought. I will not be wrong if I say that in Eastern Siberia for every person killed by the Bolsheviks, had 100 people killed by anti-Bolshevik elements.”
Said the General, in particular, and of a massacre of Kolchak in November 1918 in Omsk with the members of the Constituent Assembly…
Now it’s time to face the white terror, which slyly turned away from the zealots of openness and truth from “the Light”, “Moskovskie Novosti”, “Literaturnaya Gazeta”, etc. No, we don’t follow the dubious example D. volkogonova and Y. A. Feofanova, who called in “the prosecutors” red… of General Denikin and poluchaete Melgunov. Let the deeds of white showed themselves as white. This evidence – a considerable number. Let’s open some of them.
When Admiral Kolchak had established himself on the throne of his guardsmen staged not only the Bolsheviks but also Eser-Menshevik leaders of the directory this bloodbath, which survived in it for many years recalled with a shudder. One of them is a member of the Central Committee of the party of right socialist-revolutionaries D. F. Rakov managed to smuggle out of prison abroad a letter that SR center in Paris has published in 1920 in booklet form under the title “In the dungeons of Kolchak. The voice of Siberia”.
What told the world community that voice?
“Omsk – testified Cancers, simply froze with fear. At a time when the wives of dead comrades were found in the Siberian snows their bodies, I kept agonizing his seat, not knowing what horror was going on behind the walls of the guardhouse. … Killed countless, in any case, not less than 2,500 people.
Entire bodies of carts wheeling around the city, like carry in winter, lamb and pork carcasses. Experienced mostly by soldiers of the local garrison and the workers…”
(Pp. 16-17).
But the scene Kolchak killings, sketched, so to speak, from nature:
“The murder itself presents a scene so wild and terrible that it’s hard to talk about it even people who experienced many horrors in the past and in the present. Miserable undressed, left only in underwear: murderers, obviously, took their clothes. Beat all kins of arms, except artillery: beaten with rifle butts, stabbed with bayonets, cut pieces, shot them with rifles and revolvers. The execution was attended by not only the performers but also the audience. In the eyes of the public N. Fomin (SR – P. G.) inflicted 13 wounds, of which only 2 firearms. Him, still alive, swords tried to chop off hands, but checkers, apparently, were dumb, got deep wounds on the shoulders and under the arms. It’s hard for me, now it’s hard to describe how tormented, mocked, tortured our friends” (P. 20-21).
Next is the story about one of Kolchak’s countless torture chambers.
“The prison had a capacity of 250 people and my time there was spent more than thousand… the Main population of the prison – Bolshevik Commissars of all sorts and kinds, guards, soldiers, officers – all for the frontline, a court-martial, all the people awaiting death sentences. The atmosphere is tense to the extreme. Very depressing impression made soldiers arrested for involvement in the Bolshevik uprising on 22 December. All this young Siberian peasant boys, nothing to do with the Bolsheviks or Bolshevism. The prison environment, the proximity of imminent death made these walking dead with dark sallow faces. All of this material still awaits the salvation of the new Bolshevik uprisings” (P. 29-30).
Not only prisons, but also all Siberia was filled with the horrors of the massacres. Against the guerrillas of the Yenisei province Kolchak sent the General-the Punisher Rozanov.
“Started something indescribable – said Cancers. – Rozanov has announced that for every killed soldier of his squad will be steadily shoot ten people from jail of Bolsheviks, all of which were declared hostages. Despite the protests of the allies, was shot 49 hostages in the Krasnoyarsk prison. Along with the Bolsheviks and social revolutionaries shot… the Suppression Rozanov took the “Japanese” way. Captured from the Bolsheviks, the village was looted, the population or vyparilas the polls or were shot: they spared neither old men, nor women. The most suspicious of Bolshevism villages burned. Naturally, when approaching Rozanov units, at least the male population fled to the forest, unwittingly adding to the insurgents” (P. 41).

Victims of kilchakovsky, Novosibirsk
Scenes like this of Dante’s hell was happening throughout Siberia and the Far East, where blazed the fire of guerrilla war in response to the terror of Kolchak.
But, maybe, revolutionary witness Cancers, experienced all the “charms” of kilchakovsky, was too emotional and said some things? No, not said. Look through the diary of Baron Alexander Budberg – after all, the military Minister of Kolchak. What was the story told by the Baron who wrote off the record, so to speak, isovalues to yourself? Kolchak’s regime appears from the pages of the diary without makeup. Observing this power, the Baron resents:
“Even the intelligent and impartial right… the squeamish will recoil from any cooperation here, because no one can force you to sympathize with this dirt; and then even change anything, because against sincere ideas of order and law monstrously growing up here meanness, cowardice, ambition, greed, and other delights”[23]. And again: “the Old regime dissolved the warm color in their most heinous manifestations…”.
Lenin was right when he wrote that Kolchaka and Denikins are on their bayonets power, which is “worse than the Tsar”.
All those who specializes in exposing the Soviet “Creswick”, Baron Budberg offers a look at Kolchak’s counterintelligence.
“Counterintelligence is a huge institution, prigrevaet crowds of greedy, adventurers and the scum of the deceased guards insignificant in productive work, but imbued with the worst traditions of former guards, detectives and gendarmes. All this is covered with high slogans of the struggle for the salvation of the Motherland, and under that cover there is debauchery, violence, waste of public money and the most savage tyranny”.
Readers have probably not forgotten that a military Minister of Kolchak, and that it is the sharpest weapon of the white terror.
Frankly said the Baron, and that the Ural and Siberian peasants, driven into Kolchak’s army under penalty of death and executions, don’t want to serve this mode. They want the restoration of the government, which gave them the land and much beyond that. It explained the dozens of truly heroic uprisings in the rear of Kolchak and no less heroic actions of the guerrilla armies from the Urals to the Pacific ocean with a total population of 200 thousand people, plus their support of millions? No, didn’t think the hundreds of thousands and millions going to death and torture, the war against the terrorist regime meaningless. But the former head of the Institute of military history believes. It is strange, isn’t it?
Now that got on the long-suffering people caught up in the “Calchaqui”. In the diary Budberg read:
“Kulikovskii saviors (we are talking about the Ussuri Cossack troops of ataman Kalmykov. – P. G.) show Nikolsk and Khabarovsk, what is the new regime; everywhere there arrests, executions and, of course, abundant annexation cash equivalents in vast pockets of the saviors. The allies and the Japanese know all this, but any measures is not accepted. About the exploits of Kalmykova tell such terrible things, you do not want to believe” (T. XIII, p. 258). For example: “coming from the troops degenerates boast that during the punitive expeditions they gave to the Bolsheviks in the massacre of Chinese prisoners of pre-cutting the tendons behind the knees (“not escaped”); also boast that the Bolsheviks were buried alive, with Ostrom the bottom of the pit innards, released from bury (“so it was softer to lie”)” (p. 250).
So did the ataman Kalmykov – “younger brother” of the Transbaikal ataman Semenov http://felix-edmund.livejournal.com/567247.html . And what did “big brother”? Here is a Frank admission of the commander of American troops in Siberia, General V. Graves:
“The actions of these (Semenov. – P. G.) of the Cossacks, and other Kolchak chiefs perpetrated under the auspices of foreign troops, were of the richest soil, which only could be prepared for Bolshevism, cruelty were such that they undoubtedly will be remembered and told again among the Russian people 50 years after their occurrence.”
But the “works of the hands” of invaders and whites in digital terms is a Yekaterinburg province (according to the official report):
“Kolchak authorities shot dead at least 25 thousand. In some mines of Kizel shot and buried alive at least 8 thousand; in Tagil and Nadezhdinsky districts shot and tortured around 10 thousand; in Yekaterinburg and other districts not less than 8 thousand. Preparato about 10% of two million people. Flogged men, women and children”[29].
If one considers that in “Calcasieu” included 11 provinces and regions, it is difficult even to imagine the scale of a bloody Orgy that took place in the East.
This is the portrait of kilchakovsky, drawn by its creators or witnesses. But such “orders” Kolchak and those who sent, wanted to adopt throughout Russia. At the ready stood in Omsk the white horse, where the “Supreme ruler” had planned to enter the peal of bells in Moscow.
That is, in the testimony of participants and eyewitnesses. “glorious” the way of the Admiral in historical oblivion. But the truth cannot be one-sided, could not be the answer to such horrors white, in this case, Kolchak terror, from the red. Of course the answer was launched the red terror, how he was “bloodier” in white, above, said the General of the army of the invaders U. Graves. But the historic result of these tragic events for the two opposing sides are diametrically opposed.
Despite the full support of Western partners white movement, it has not found widespread support of the population, which is not surprising from the above facts. The whites having Western support, having a lot of money from looting and expropriations, having a semblance of a quasi-public education, where he directed all funds? Why you’ll never find evidence on creative projects whites directed in any desired people future? Because other than the desire for absolute power, they stood no draft, only to rule and smack, shoot and edit, and edit, edit, edit. And where’s the people? Its future? Right in the ground or used as slave labourers in mines and factories.
And what about the Bolsheviks? They are pathetic all funds received in the form of taxes, without any external support, without being sure that will keep the government and the country, were sent where? In the fight against illiteracy and in the electricity sector, two foundations for the future industrialization and haphazard transformation of the rural economy to agro-industry. And here against the white infinite horror in the village, a monument of the genius of Lenin adopted decisions, is this historical photo: early 20’s:

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