Yunna Moritz about friendship

I remembered a good show, far 1979. Leave it with me.

“The big secret for a small company” — puppet cartoon 1979, the parable of friendship, loyalty, betrayal and the remorse of Director Julian Kalisher scenario Yunna Moritz.

The film, after the script Yunna Moritz, was imbued with the spirit of English absurdity and creativity of his Russian followers — Korney Chukovsky and the oberiuty, and it turned out, according to Calisher, “strange”. Upon delivery, the management of “Screen” demanded to remove all tracks Nikitin (originally there were five), enter the narration and make the film more understandable” with the help of installation. Managed to defend four songs, but the rest of the authors had to make concessions. When rewiring, the film was shortened by about 100 meters.

A huge secret (song)
Muz. With Nikitin
It is no secret that friends do not grow in the garden
Not sell and not buy friends.
So I am delirious over the road
With the magical gramophone in the truck of his
The sad growl,
Under the cheerful Moo
Under friendly neigh
Big secret for a little
For a small company,
For a modest company
A huge secret!
It is no secret that friends is a honor and courage,
This loyalty, courage and honor,
And courage and honour is the knight and sword,
All the swallowers of swords ever for them to eat.
It is no secret that friends run away skipping –
Don’t want the chain to sit.
We can’t force them for any price
Idleness and boredom baldet.
It is no secret that friends in heaven love
To be carried away on the wings and without,
But catch us if we offend,
Rush to us even from heaven!
Oh, it was used only one
Oh, it was used only one
Oh, it was used only one
To talk!

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